Our dog agility field is available to hire and has KC & UKA competition standard equipment               that includes:

  • A frame

  • Dog walk

  • See saw

  • Competition weaves 

  • 4m tunnel

  • Adjustable competition jumps

  • Long Jump

  • Tyre

   If you're already doing agility training but would like to practice in-between classes, improve           your time or practice with a particular piece of equipment or simply have more fun with your dog then why not get in touch. We also have enclosed fields for hire without equipment.

  The Agility Area is available for hire 7 days a week from 8am till 8pm (including bank holidays).

  Our agility area is a fully secure area.  A full set of competition agility equipment is permanently set up to save valuable time.


  Booking Guidelines ...


  For insurance purposes, any person using our facilities will be asked to complete and sign a               booking form to ensure clarity over responsibilities, liabilities, requirements etc.

  Before filling in the booking form, please check availability by contacting us by telephone or               alternatively message us through our facebook page.